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I’ve always been amazed at how incredible humans can actually be. With the help of the ALS Society of Canada we’ve set up a donations page in my quest to conquer with people all around the globe; the defeat of this savage of a disease.

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Ride Updates

Please keep connected as this becomes an on-going initiative. Currently I am looking to do this bicycle ride August 2021. More to be announced ahead…..

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About me

I am Jeff; based in Ontario, Canada. I lost my best friend July 1, 2020. He was my Dad. He was everyone’s favourite. When he was diagnosed with ALS I decided to put a raw lense on this horrific disease by chronicling his journey. Here lost his life in under 2 years. The next day I decided to organize a 200+ kms bicycle from my childhood home to his resting place in Leith Ontario, on the shores of Georgian Bay.


Welcome friends

It was August 2019

And the journey began.  What was a quiet progression, disgustingly sped up. Within months while bed ridden nearing November, my Mother was faced with the reality of not being able to care for Frank as he needed.  So, sparring details Frank had a call from a LTC saying a room was available.  In a tearful and jarring moment; January 22, 2020 Frank was placed on a stretcher, wheeled into the back of an ambulance and removed from his home.  For ever.  

In August 2019 I began documenting the harshness of ALS by way of my social media channels. The raw reality of anguish, freight, loss of dignity and heart breaking events. How it ripped thru my hero’s body without care. How it slowly tore a strip inside my family.

I continue to attempt to break thru the barriers & challenges fighting for all ALS patients in any way I can.  

Add me on Facebook & Instagram, tell all and let’s get something accomplished together.

1st Annual Ride – August 2020

“you will be challenged with adversity, in life.  which means troubles.  you have to be strong, work through them, try and understand them, and learn from them”

The journey


My Story

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ALS Journey

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